Kim sends the amazing Hockey Guy image..

It is killing me because I cannot recall exactly WHEN Kim sent the Hockey guy image to me..I am wondering if it wasnt when fall was creeping up on us and the image struck her because of the pine trees and beautiful coat..Regardless of why, I know I was struck when she sent it ..Of course I was frantically searching everywhere on Google to find the image and after a few tries, believe it or not, this link came up to the Heritage Auction folks and I couldn’t believe my eyes! There it was !! AND with the artists name.!! Well..that was all it took to start my search on other amazing images! Of course, when I Googled, I assumed I would see a few here and there and be done with it .. I suppose I couldn’t have been more WRONG!! What I found was a wealth of images as well as a touching life story of a man and his counterparts that has for so long been ignored and more if I have my way!! Each image , each detail, peaked my interest more and more and soon each day was filled with more Leyendecker searching..I had to find out all I could about this amazing soul…!! Where did he live..who did he love?? What other images did he create??

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And so it begins…

I might be a bit ahead of myself here..which might make you wonder why I mentioned Rockwell..I mention that because after my research and finding out WHO this amazing artist was almost every article about him, it seems Norman Rockwell was so taken with the great artist, J.C.Leyendecker, that he even moved into the same town of New Rochelle, NY to be close to him and study each and every move and brushstroke..interesting huh?? And yet..still who knows the so few ..UNTIL we put this out there..hopefully each day , more of you will dive into this amazing legacy too so that this wonderful name can live with lustre as it should!!

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The world meets the Leyendecker Legacy!

“Ready for Hockey”

Painted in 1920..

Do you know who painted this?? Does it stir the same amazing feelings for you that it did for me the moment my sister, Kim , sent it to me ??  I bet the world all knows who NORMAN ROCKWELL Is..right?? But who has ever really wondered where Rockwell got his inspiration or his unique style.. I had..often..but of course until seeing this image never really knew there was an answer for that question about Rockwell..and..never knew the artist of this amazing image was an unsung hero by the name of Joseph Christian Leyendecker..born in Germany..brought to our United States with his family and his talented brother, Frank, also an amazing artist.. I want to take you on the amazing journey that led me to the Leyendecker Legacy..I know you will be as enamored as I have been …It all starts right here..with THIS image..and because of my sister seeing it and believing that I would be as taken with it as she was.. (and..remember…we had not yet found out WHO had painted it ..That’s where the FUN begins!!!

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