Enter HANDSOME Charles A. Beach..Hmmm…

Another Image of Charles Beach.

And why wouldnt we swoon ??

Which brings our legacy to the beginning of a lifelong relationship between J.C. Leyendecker , his family, and a man named Charles A. Beach. It is said that Joe was out of town somewhere between 1901 and 1903  when brother Frank answered a knock on the door from an amazingly handsome European 17 year old boy looking for modeling work.  (Joe was around 12 years older at the first meeting) It is interesting to note that Frank was the first to meet Charles but eventually allowed the relationship to turn towards Joe who loved using Charles as his main model. Charles ended up renting a small apartment near the brothers studio on 31st St. in New York.. (I DID mention they had moved to NY from Chicago around 1900 didn’t I ??) The brothers had been sharing a studio near Washington Square with their sister, Mary, who acted as their hostess and lady of the home..  Charles’ location seemed to work just fine because it was so close to the studio and certainly allowed loads of time for getting acquainted and helping to organize Joe’s  increasingly busy schedule and workload. Keep in mind that unlike other artists, Joe was not one to promote himself. It is said he was very quiet and would seldom brag about the works he had in progress or speak much about triumphs in his past. I imagine that ,as with any of us who have an artistic quality, someone like Charles Beach is great to have around to spread the good word..someone to promote our work and to help us see how valuable our talents are to the world..and to ourselves.. Also to make sure our affairs are managed and that details that become hard to keep up with are handled for us..


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To educate the world on the amazing history of American Illustrator , JC Leyendecker , his family and his friends..
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