Here’s the beginnings, early facts.. a start..

..I continue my search and with each search I am finding more and more about our J.C. Leyendecker and his brother, Frank X Leyendecker..most of all that they were setting the world on fire with their beautiful work and sought after for many magazine covers and advertising deals. I find it interesting that those in the stuffy art world say that Illustration Art is not really ART..I assume they believe because it doesn’t command a HUGE TICKET PRICE when produced, it doesn’t seem worth anything. J.C.Leyendecker loved the fact that the masses got to see his beautiful images and that it was not just showcased for a few select upper crust to enjoy..How cool is that attitude? Lets consider him the Painter of the People! I like that! Anyway…they spent time in Paris at a school called Acadamie Julian ..from what I have read so far, it is quite the place for up and coming artists to attend ..I will post a pic of the 2 brothers there..very cool…Needless to say, they found their niche and came back to America to make it happen! This was around 1900..The next few years for the boys was incredible success and wonderful things were about to happen for them!


About kerwil2000

To educate the world on the amazing history of American Illustrator , JC Leyendecker , his family and his friends..
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