Tell us…how did the Leyendecker Legacy begin?? And When ???’s what we know..The Leyendecker( PRONOUNCED  LION DECKER)  family lived in Germany in the late 1800s and in 1874(March 23rd ), “Joe” as his friends always called him, was born.. They brought he and the rest of the family (including the talented Frank) to America in 1882..Within the next 7 years, Joe got about all the education he would receive. So much more much more to lead to the excitement .. I love this websites description of his life.. (You will need to copy and paste these links..I am new at this..)

You can also then see loads of his covers for the Sat. Eve. Post here :

(they are very fussy about anyone showing ANY of his work that was associated with the magazine, even though he only allowed use for the covers and then demanded the originals back because he was aware of the residuals from being on the cover of a magazine. )

We will concentrate on all the OTHER amazing images he has done that are not associated with the Post..There are loads and I prefer to keep clear from their reach..Believe me..just knowing he did so much for them is enough for you to know, truly..Most of all, so many have seen his work and assumed that it was Norman Rockwell when it was, in fact, J.C. Leyendecker! (about 300 plus or so! )

One beautiful museum in Newport RI, has beautiful originals of both Rockwell and Leyendecker and shows how many of Rockwell’s images seems to copy early J.C…Judy and her husband are very nice folks and truly care about the preservation of American Illustration Art.. I was there a few weeks ago and will give you a rundown in another sitting.. Just want you to have some insight before we go deep into our adventure..!


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To educate the world on the amazing history of American Illustrator , JC Leyendecker , his family and his friends..
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